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Loved the uplifting kick! and the atmosphere, but again sounds too wet to me at the drop. Agreed that it's dream trance so should be wet dunno, just a thought.

Everything looks great, especially the piano had some feels to it~!
The start looked flawless imo
Gritty bass has its own place but according to drum n bass arrangement there should be just pure melodic part with just synths and lead running at the bridge after the drop which I think was missing here.
You should also try putting in different FM basses at different parts. just one FM bass(well that's what I think) makes the song kinda repetitive.
The sub bass was good and heavy. Great use of fx.

Nothing much to complain about, It's great track overall!
Keep it up!

5TanLey responds:

kk, thx for the tips :)

Holy Crap! Maybe I'm too obsessed with the genre, but the start was amazing and so were the riffs!

Get your fuckin' hands up!

DJStriden responds:

Glad you like this one :) Again, everything was by design. I'll definitely be making more like this :)

The theme seemed cool here, just one minor problem here was the lead was too overpowering at the drop for me to hear and enjoy all other elements. You might try ducking the lead into the mix with other elements running as you did in your older songs. Great work as expected! Keep it up.

DJStriden responds:

Well, what can I say. I did it on purpose. I have other songs with greater dynamic range, if that's your cup o' tea.

hahah, I know where's the inspiration coming from, 'monody' from fatrat right?

Everything seemed alright except the drums around 1 minute mark, they were just too fast or maybe badly mixed, but they just didn't fit well into the mood. This song seemed all over the place.

DJStriden responds:

It was a total accident.

The mood changed man. It completely changed, and I made it fast on purpose. I'm sorry you didn't like it :( I'll try something consistently paced next time.

Pretty much good song, but it's a lot repetitive. Instrumentation is kinda good, but for it to be a dance genre, it should have a solid beat. It looks like you just changed the instruments keeping the melody same throughout the song which makes it too much repetitive and boring as we progress.

The melody is good, you just need to do some work with riffs. Give it some movement, it lacked pads and synths as well. Try adding those and fill all frequency spaces. As this being your third song, your progress is great! Keep it up.


AWildCard responds:

Okay, thanks for the feedback man !
Very helpful !

very well made, but the stereo spread on the claps on alternate kicks is what I don't prefer, I mean I dunno but it doesn't feel that great like without stereo one, rest all is pretty well mixed.

Keep it up!

Pure Beast!
the start was a bit I would say 'normalish'/'not my style', but the drop!!
Damn! Loved it.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Yeah, I always hope people will stick with it for the first minute to get to that part.

Glad you liked it, thanks.

Holy Shit!
It's perfect, I dunno the significance of the conversation you added at the last.
But it's really great, I can't even point out the mistakes, it's just ready to be used in a movie/animation.

umm, talking about image, for me it was like night forest time with ghosts around someone looking for a path with a big suspense on what's ahead.

Keep it up!

Pandasticality responds:

You paint an image with your words sir, thank you for the review!
- Pandasticality

Heck yeah! Time to go pro~ Love you!

DJStriden responds:

We're glad you like it!

I love composing music. Check out some of my latest tracks. [exp] tags are my experimentations, they may or may not sound good.

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