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The theme is good, it would've been better if the block would look like a human..

Great! It reminded me of Raptor: The call of shadows.. An old Dos Game if you don't know.

Nikkita31 responds:

Hello Demonic Overmind.

We're glad you liked it.

Yeah! I just seen it now. It is also similar to 1941 (counter attack). But of course those are classic Rom games that started everything. If you guys wanted to add something cool , let us know. As long as it is not too hard to do, we will add them up.

-Renegade Games.

Try harder mate! Its too repetitive, Try improving graphics. my HI: 37 (Got bored playing it)

Holmfry responds:

Thanks for the review! It may be a bit easy as I was targeting a younger demographic than I normally do. Appreciate the feedback, I'll see if I can't mix up the gameplay a bit.

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Loved the uplifting kick! and the atmosphere, but again sounds too wet to me at the drop. Agreed that it's dream trance so should be wet dunno, just a thought.

Everything looks great, especially the piano had some feels to it~!
The start looked flawless imo
Gritty bass has its own place but according to drum n bass arrangement there should be just pure melodic part with just synths and lead running at the bridge after the drop which I think was missing here.
You should also try putting in different FM basses at different parts. just one FM bass(well that's what I think) makes the song kinda repetitive.
The sub bass was good and heavy. Great use of fx.

Nothing much to complain about, It's great track overall!
Keep it up!

5TanLey responds:

kk, thx for the tips :)

Holy Crap! Maybe I'm too obsessed with the genre, but the start was amazing and so were the riffs!

Get your fuckin' hands up!

DJStriden responds:

Glad you like this one :) Again, everything was by design. I'll definitely be making more like this :)

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