Two of my songs got noticed and are in the games below.

Hyper Switch:

Space Tournament:


Enough Hopes given for a head start~!

wow, 16 fans..

2016-09-29 10:55:49 by Demonic-Overmind

wow, I got 16 fans and 10 subs, the journey's already started!

Hello everyone, I just made my youtube channel and will start promotion from now on..

So, with it, my first 10 subs on yt will get a free 30sec track from me! (you can decide the type of track you want)

Belated Happy New Year.

2016-01-08 01:01:09 by Demonic-Overmind

Happy new year everyone. Last year went great for me. I crashed around different plugins, tried various genres. I'm gonna improve myself more and bring in more awesomeness in this upcoming year. I'll focus more on vgm composition (probably xP).

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays.



2015-09-17 12:14:52 by Demonic-Overmind

Yay!! I'm being scouted now..

Thanks guys.